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Shaunda Lewis is the Decolonization Coach: a guide through tackling truth, reconciliation, and transformation.  A Master Decolonizer of spirit and structure she works with others to remember who they are, confront their fears, awaken their power, extend grace, and build that which is led and driven by love. 

A daughter of Caribbean immigrants to the United States, Shaunda's unique perspective of belonging to multiple cultures, holding a plethora of distinct identities, and navigating social constructs that never made space for her full self, allows her to understand the need to create spaces that work for us all.  

Her experience spans the gamut of relationships in life: those with oneself, each other, and the systems in which we operate. It is what allows her an ever-evolving mastery of social and self awareness. From working throughout the non-profit, public, and private sectors, traversing the realms of partnership and intimacy, and existing on the full range of the spectrum of power, her life experiences have taught her how to set healthy boundaries, always be authentic to who she is, access and sustain her true power, while also holding unconditional compassion and love for herself, others, and humanity.

Shaunda knows what it means to be celebrated and feel a sense of belonging. She also knows what it means to be unappreciated, undervalued, and not accepted for being and thinking different. Her deep understanding of personal and professional success, failure, and apathy, as well as her depth of knowledge navigating life at the grassroots, the treetops, and everywhere in between, affords her the skillset to meet people where they are and support them through positive transformation. 

An entrepreneur, historian, esoteric scientist, and persistent student of the human condition, Shaunda is committed to moving humanity into a brighter age. Her enterprise, Stone and Grace, is focused on deconstructing old, outdated ways of existing, in order to reconstruct that which works for us all. She is in the business of liberating hearts and minds and strengthening the disposition to thrive. 
Currently, through Stone and Grace, Shaunda is creating a community of businesses led and driven by love, as well as a community of Decolonizers - equipped with the skillset and knowledge to support human ascension. Her life is dedicated to actualizing the callings of her soul - the Eden she envisions through her intuition: Heaven, here on Earth.

Shaunda received a B.A. in History with minors in Sociology and Africana Studies from The George Washington University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership through Tufts University. She is a certified professional coach, master facilitator and trainer, anti-racism and multi-culture expert, creator, numerologist, astrologist, as well as a human design analyst (in training). These ingredients and more are what make her a true Specialist in Decolonization.

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