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1222: Lead or Fall from Grace

About a year into consistently seeing 1212 on a daily basis, another seemingly complex number pattern began to catch my eye: 1222. I can trace seeing 1222 back to December of 2019. I have seen this number pattern every day since.

While a number pattern such as 1212 is rare, it is common enough to generate plenty of information widely available on the world wide web describing its meaning. 1222 is not one of those numbers. As I conducted research, I began to realize that it may be a number pattern that is more specific to me as an individual than to the broader collective. It would be in the spring of 2021 when my assumption would be verified. It was then that I was introduced to the Human Design System, and the channel that makes me a rare Emotional Manifestor happens to be 12/22.

It has taken me until now to solidly grasp the meaning of 1222. I read it as:

'Assert Love'

'Have Faith'

'Transform through connection'

'1222 = 7: lead or fall from grace'

My favorite lines on the 1222 are from Willow Soul:

As soon as you see your vision and find your courage to follow your soul's mission, then the pathway to your vision will reveal its way.

...choose transformation by letting go of past hurts and old beliefs, so you can move to the next phase toward liberation.

It is by courageous transformation of myself, through my connection with others, that I accept my soul mission of liberation - for humanity, for my tribe, for my soul.

Because, I know that THIS is the time, and THIS is the life, to decolonize THIS world.

This is: The Making of a Decolonizer.

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