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2022 Ground View from a Specialist in Decolonization

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hello! I am sharing an update to give a 2022 ground view of my work in building a conglomerate. As I shared previously - my enterprise Stone and Grace is leading the charge in crafting and driving a massive vision for making the world a better place. Almost two months ago, I gave a 100,000 foot view of the vision and goal for creating the world we want to be, together. To bring it down to Earth in real time, this year we're focused on the following:

  • Building Social Awareness through Decolonization Coaching and History Workshops

  • Building Self Awareness through Numerology

  • Incubating The Culture Collaborative into 5-D; especially its initial Concept: BLACUIT (Black Atlantic Cultural Immersion Tour)

I am excited to share opportunities, services, and content in all of these areas in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and follow along.

It is time to decolonize the world.

With Infinite Love & Light,


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