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A Red Velvet Rose...

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Being an entrepreneur is extremely personal. Being a decolonizer is extremely interpersonal. Being an entrepreneur is deeply interpersonal. Being a decolonizer is deeply personal. In being an entrepreneur and a decolonizer there is no separation of personal and professional life. Your life is your profession, and your profession is your life. The resolve, confidence, and courage one needs to live into being either an entrepreneur or a decolonizer (much less both) is tremendous, abounding, and infinite. Everything in your life is impacted by your ability to believe in yourself and your capabilities. And if you question your capabilities as either an entrepreneur or a decolonizer in any piece of your life (whether personal or professional), it puts into question your capabilities in all pieces of your life.

I'm not sure if I know a profession more personal than entrepreneurship, and I'm not sure I know an act more interpersonal than social/spiritual transformation, which is what decolonizing is.

If you choose both paths, the predominant themes of your life are colored by being different in very obvious ways - constantly going against the grain, bringing new and different into the world, accomplishing what no one has ever accomplished, having abundant and endless hope and faith, and feeling very alone.

Below are some of my lessons from my journey in being an entrepreneur and decolonizer. I'm sure if I decided, I could come up with enough to fill a book. This is a personal journey, for interpersonal benefit - both personally and professionally.

You and I are never alone - we need each other - to realize our greatness.

Some of my lessons...

  • People are emotional beings (including yourself) that need space to experience, explore, and unpack their emotions.

  • We are all infinite beings living a finite experience.

  • The point of our interconnected reality is to achieve balance.

  • Failure is part of the process - pain is what allows us to identify joy; pleasure.

  • Learn to get comfortable with constantly being uncomfortable.

  • Learn to get comfortable with constantly being the disruptor.

  • Humbling experiences are your biggest teachers.

  • Never give up on what you believe in - it is always the right time to practice perseverance.

  • Prioritization is a daily occurrence - elephants can only be eaten one bite at a time.

  • Treat fear as a temporary emotion that must be overcome - this is what it means to be courageous.

  • Always find a way - never take "no" for an answer.

  • Obstacles are the name of the game, get comfortable overcoming them.

  • Sometimes the best outcome is through the obstacle, not around it.

  • Make timely decisions - indecisiveness hinders progress - and your decision should always be based on your gut.

  • Evolution never stops - keep learning.

  • Knowledge = intelligence + experience; Wisdom = knowledge + awareness.

  • Trust takes time, and time is relative.

  • Patience.

  • Love of yourself, others, and the unfolding mystery of life is ultimately what leads to true ascension.

  • You need love and love needs you.

  • Nothing is easy, but all is possible.

This is a red velvet rose.

With Infinite Love and Light,


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