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APRIL 2023.


It carries an illuminating vibration. In the northern hemisphere we know it as a marker of spring - a transition out of darkness that brings us more light. The saying goes: "April showers bring May flowers."

The month of April has tested me in ways I could only imagine, especially in regards to those things I love. It has tested me in regards to my chosen profession as an entrepreneur. It had tested me in my chosen path to be a friend. It has tested me in my incarnated path to be a family member. It has tested me in my chosen journey to seek partnership. It has tested me in my relationship with myself, and it has tested me in my desire to lead, and to lead with love.

I have made a decision in life to create with love - to demonstrate for the world that creating and sustaining both macro and micro things from love is possible and worth it. What I seldom remember until I am in it, is that love is not only joyful and kind, but painful, hurtful, and anxiety-ridden. True love takes us through the full gamut of emotions. It also teaches us countless skills. One of the most complex skills that it forces us to practice is patience. I have yet to meet a person who feels that they have mastered the skill of patience. Patience is a form of grace.

April for me is a culmination of close to 3 years of learning and growth, but I am not done yet. The revolution of this cycle of my life is not yet complete - but it's completion is not far.

A major learning for me in the month of April has been a deep understanding of the cycle of life. We tend to romanticize and/or fear the three major components of the life cycle: birth, death, and rebirth/transformation. I am no exception to this generalization. I too fear or romanticize birth, death, and transformation. I too romanticize love.

What if we taught ourselves to truly love all pieces of the life cycle? Not in a romantic way, but in a real way that allows us to find the gift in whatever happens; the gift in our evolution; the gift in our existence; the gift in our ascension.

This month I followed my intuition and dove into learning about the true process of birth, I dove into understanding what truly happens when life ends, and I completed my studies on how best to nurture what I have brought into existence.

This month I birthed my complete plan - my full vision for what I not only believe, but know the world needs.

I will be sharing the pieces of my evolution soon. For now, I have work to finish and education to complete - a cycle of life to conclude in order to advance to the next level of rebirth and transformation.

I'm still in the cocoon - digesting myself into a new form, growing in space, and traversing the darkness alone - but I will emerge soon, because:

"...after winter, must come spring - change it comes eventually."

In True Love,


The Decolonization Coach

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