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Power Building!

When people ask me what I am doing as a Specialist in Decolonization, a Decolonizer, I tell them that I am power building – myself, others, community, society – so that we individually and collectively tap into our master power.

Moving forward, this space will be both a place for me to share, and a place for us to discuss and learn. Learn what it means to build power in ourselves, and learn what it means to build power in each other. We will learn from masters, learn what it means to decolonize on an individual and collective level, and understand how people do it every day.

This is also a place to identify fellow power builders. Are you a power builder? Do you feel that you hold that title as a part of your inner essence and being? It is time to step into the true power that you hold. It is time to wake up master power.

I am excited to share content both new and refreshed with you, so that we can power build, together – because the time has come for us to decolonize the world.

Lovers & Warriors - this is a blog refresh! We are Power Building!

With Infinite Love & Light,


A Specialist in Decolonization

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