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The Making of a Decolonizer: Certified Psychic

Updated: Mar 10

This morning I woke up deeply reflecting on what the end of this week signifies for me. Not only does it signify the completion of ✌🏾certifications, it is the culmination of a year of intentional spiritual study, learning, and growth.

On March 14, 2022 after spending a year in self-guided study of Human Design, I decided to jump into learning it in an official capacity from the original curators of Ra Uru Hu's revolutionary system: the International Human Design School (IHDS). I was not disappointed in my decision. The first class turned into another, and another, and before I knew it I ended 2022 having completed the full suite of the IHDS Foundation Courses. And, I was able to spend the entire journey being taught by the amazing woman who delivered my official Human Design reading in October 2021: Ruth Brennan.

Through the Human Design learning journey, I not only learned so much about myself and my organic design, but I was able to understand how I've been heavily conditioned throughout my 30+ years in this incarnation, and how to effectively decondition in order to live true to myself. It is a what is needed in order to fulfill my destiny in this life. This is a privilege (I believe) most people don't get the opportunity to experience.

On October 10, 2022, after what feels like a lifetime of independent astrological study, with some guidance and coaching here and there, I finally began the journey to become a Certified Astrologist. Even though astrology is a popular esoteric science, finding tried and true trajectories for learning was a challenge. After doing my research, I came across the Rebecca Gordon Astrology School. I received a reading from Rebecca on November 29, 2021, and from there I was convinced that no matter what, I would be in the next round of her Beginner's Astrology Certification Program in the Fall of 2022. I enrolled, and as of February 28, 2023, I am now a certified Astrologist!

The depth of learning, growth, and healing that I experienced through learning how to read and understand myself and the universe through astrology is unprecedented in my life to date. It is remarkable how extraordinary the universe is, and how the signs we need to understand ourselves and each other are all there! Reading astrology should be a required component of curriculum for every high school student.

On October 24, 2022, after 5 years of truly intense, daily study of numbers and their meanings, an opportunity made available from one of my favorite numerologists, Felicia Bender, began my journey to becoming a Certified Numerologist. Out of all the esoteric sciences, numerology is the one that comes most naturally to me. I just get and understand numbers and their deeper meaning, and possess a natural ability to quickly comprehend and advance my reading comprehension skills. I also know that communication from other realms comes to me through number sequences and patterns, and this constant communication has pushed me to rapidly deepen my comprehension and understanding of numbers.

In 2019, Felicia Bender was my first entry into understanding myself and my incarnation blueprint through numbers. On April 29, 2021 I received my first numerology reading from Felicia, and from that point forward I knew that numerology should no longer be just a hobby, but an official manner in which I support others. I also knew that being taught and guided by this woman was something I had to find ways to continue. Flash forward to today, and I am now the first graduate of the Felicia Bender International Institute of Numerology, and a Certified Numerologist!

Even though it is an ancient science, in today's western world, numerology is a lesser known esoteric science. Finding a way to become certified in the US (from my research) has been spotty. How eternally grateful I am to Felicia for launching this learning and mentorship program this Fall. Before starting her program, I could confidently say that I had an intermediate understanding of numbers. After completing her Level 1 Certification - my level of numerological understanding has grown tremendously, and has advanced me as a numerologist in unimaginable ways. A skill that is priceless, because the Universe is numbers.

The idea of being "in-tune" was not a skill that grew up learning or celebrating in the eastern part of the United States. It is not a manner in which many of us have been brought up in a deeply colonized world. Spirituality has been relegated to adhering to the highly manufactured, and at times controlling, evolution of one of the three major religions. Ancient spiritual science practiced by every major civilization before Constantine, and before the Western European scramble for the world, has been villainized and ascribed as taboo in order to keep all of us controlled (enslaved, asleep, and not tapped into the true extents of our power). We are left to praising and worshipping Ascended Masters, versus following their example and realizing that we too can ascend as masters. There is nothing wrong with admiring those that have guided humanity and shown many of us better ways to live, AND how do we realize that those people were just tapped into better ways and higher consciousness - the God within. We all have the soul, spirit, and psyche to have clairvoyance, be clairvoyant, practice magic, and become psychic.

There are many other teachers and guides that have contributed to, and are continuing to contribute to my psychic awakening. I am sharing each, one by one, and building my personal wall of gratitude over the next few months.

This is just the beginning of my ongoing awakening journey. A commencement marked by a culmination of my life experience, spiritual study, and knowledge-building to date. I will forever be a student of the universe, and always seeking ways to continuously decondition and attain higher levels of consciousness and freedom. It is in this moment though, that I can begin the cascade of gratitude due in my journey to becoming: Certified Psychic.

In Reflection, Gratitude & Commencement,

This is: The Making of a Decolonizer.

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