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Welcome to Decolonizer Dialogue

Hello Lovers & Warriors - Welcome to Decolonizer Dialogue!

A new component of the 'Power Building' space, Decolonizer Dialogue is a place to discuss and learn from the words of wise, sage, powerful masters that are currently walking, or have walked the Earth. We'll look at masters who are globally known, and those who you are just known by their friends and family. We'll look at masters who have made millions or billions, or impacted millions or billions, and we'll look at masters who have just impacted a few, or themselves. The thing that all of the people we'll be exploring have in common is that they in some way, shape or form live, or lived with a decolonizer mindset. In understanding how others embody a decolonizer mindset, it helps us to actively decolonize ourselves, and effectively support the decolonization of others. It helps us to see and identify the differentiated, distinct master power that lies in us all.

This is a space for us to actively grapple with what it means to decondition and decolonize - ourselves, each other, our communities, and/or the greater society in which we live and operate. It is through shedding the layers of conditioning that keep us enslaved and asleep, that the bright light within us gets to shine through and illuminate. Let's wake up master power! Let's get into some Decolonizer Dialogue!

Looking forward to shining bright together,


A Specialist in Decolonization

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